Basic Firearms Safety Course

This Course Qualifies You For Your MA Firearms License LTC or FID Card.

In Accordance With MGL Chapter 140, 131P and 515 CMR 3.00

Class Cost: $119

Required Firearm Safety Course Massachusetts:

Course Cost – $119 w/FREE Live Fire

The state of Massachusetts requires The Basic Firearms Safety Course to apply for your Massachusetts Gun License. After you take the 4-Hour One Time class you will be rewarded your Massachusetts State Police Certificate of Completion
  • Parts & Storage
  • Proper Loading & Unloading 
  • Massachusetts Laws & Regulations
  • In-depth Safety
  • Application Assistance
  • Live Fire  – Practice In Our Range
Who Should Take This Course?
  • Massachusetts Residents/Non-Residents
  • Anyone Looking To Get Their LTC/FID/CCW
  • Parents Protecting Their Family
  • Stay At Home Moms
  • Self Defense Enthusiasts
  • Business Owners Handling Cash
  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Self Defense 
  • Sport Shooting

What is live fire?:

Our Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Course Includes Live Fire Training. Students will shoot a real firearms in our indoor range. No simulators or simunitions, real firearms period.

IMPORTANT: Quincy, Sharon, Weymouth and Hanover require live fire in order to apply for your license. Classes that do not include Live Fire will not qualify you for your license. We DO NOT use plastic or simulators. Boston and Brookline require a shooting test. We can help you with that.

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Want To Bring A Friend? Guests Are Allowed To Attend For FREE. If Your Guest Wants To Obtain Their Certificate Fee Still Applies

Please call school if you are bringing a guest for availabilty.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How Long Is The Course?
A: Our Course runs up to 4 hours long
Q: Where Does The Course Take Place? Is It In-Person?
A: All Classes Take Place At Our Physical Location At Boston Firearms Training Center, 151 Bow St #2, Everett, MA 02149.
Q: Is This Course State Police Certified?
A: Yes Our Class Is In Full Compliance And Certified By The Massachusetts State Police.
Q: How Much Is This Course?

A: Our Class Is $119.00 with Live Fire. We require a non refundable deposit of $20.00 to hold your seat. You Will Leave With Your Basic Firearms Safety Certification Stamped With Live Fire So You May Apply For Your License. Live Fire Will Increase Your Chances of Getting An Unrestricted License.

Q: What Is Live Fire And Is It Required?
A: Live Fire is the practice and instruction of using a real firearm. Live Fire Is Preferred By Police Chiefs (A better chance of getting an unrestricted LTC). Quincy, Weymouth, Sharon Require A Live Fire Training Course. Boston And Brookline Require A Live Fire Shooting Test.
Q: Does This Course Qualify Me For My Massachusetts LTC/FID/CCW?
A: Yes After You Complete The Class You Will Be Qualified To Apply For A Massachusetts License To Carry (LTC), FID and Concealed Carry (CCW).
Q: If I Want My LTC/FID Do I Have To Apply For Both?

A: No. In The State of Massachusetts  A License To Carry Firearms (LTC) Which Allows You Your CCW and LTC is for Rifles,shotguns and handguns. An FID card is for rifle/shotgun only and is a separate from your LTC.

Q: Do I Have To Be A Massachusetts Resident To Apply?
A: No You Can Apply For A MA Non-Resident Firearms License With This Course And Also A Florida Non-Resident License. (Florida Requires Live Fire).
Q: What If I Have Been Arrested or Have A Criminal Record?

A: The Crime Plays A Large Role. The crime itself determines your restrictions. Call us for more info.

Q: What If I Want To Carry In Multiple States?
A: You Will Need To Take Our Multi State License Course Which Allows You To Carry In 39 States.
Q: After I Take The Course What Is Next?
A: We Will Guide You In The Application Process For Your Specific Town So You May Get The Best Chance of Obtaining Your Massachusetts Firearms License.
Q: Can I Bring A Guest?
A: Yes You Can Bring A FREE Guest With You To Any Of Our Safety Courses. Although If Your Guest Would Like To Receive Their Firearms Certificate They Must Also Pay The Sign-Up Fee.
Q: What If I Can't Make It The Day of The Class?

A: If You Need To Cancel Your Class Please Call Us At Least 4 Days in Advance if possible- Do not Email  You May Reschedule. Should you not show up for the course you registered for or cancel with less than 24 hours, you forfeit your deposit towards class. call us if need to discuss your situation.

Q: What Days/Times Are The Courses?

A: We try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule so we offer classes 7 days a week. AM/PM Classes. If necessary  Boston Firearms May cancel or reschedule a course, we will either refund your deposit or move you to the next available course. 

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DISCLAIMER: Boston Firearms provides in-person training and documentation required to obtain your concealed carry license from the State of Massachusetts. You must be 21 years or older to obtain a permit. To obtain a permit to carry, you must apply to the Massachusetts State Police and pay any applicable fees and satisfy all requirements to be issued a Massachusetts concealed handgun license. You understand that it is YOUR exclusive responsibility to determine whether you are authorized to carry a concealed weapon in your city, state or other location. Boston Firearms DOES NOT sell firearms or and only provides the required Massachusetts state police education program.